Welcome to the web page of the Actra Group, a well-known home improvement and construction company that has been at the top of the market for over ten years.




Home improvement is our core service. We take on both small and large home improvement projects that range from simple room redecorations to additions of new house elements. Check out our articles to find more details about this service.

The home construction is also a service that we offer. Hire us, and we will build your house from the ground to the roof. We offer unique payment methods that will make it easy for you to finance a construction of a whole house.
Every client can ask for a professional construction inspector to oversee the work. We hire professionals that can come and supervise the work of another company. They will ensure that all procedures are followed and that all goes according to the blueprint.


We, Actra-group, are a construction company that works on house construction as well as home improvement projects. We aren’t specialized in one aspect of building, and thus we can build a whole house with but a small help from our collaborators.




Elvira King is a seasoned writer that cooperates with Actra Group and writes about them as well as other influential enterprises on the market. Her experience comes from being on-site construction inspector for five years. She cooperates with companies that have a huge influence on the market as well as those that excel in this line of work.



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